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May 04/2011:

It took a while, but now the superlight hidden rearbrake is available !

For GSXR 600 - 750 - 1000.

At least from 2008 to 2012 !


Now available inside my SHOP







February 13/2011:  

First test, my hidden rear Brake on 750/2011 GSXR

Superlight hidden rearbrake for the GSXR1000 - 600/750 08-11   Updates.

As I've been told from customer today, the new superlight rearbrake also fits for GSXR600/750 2008-10

And also with slight change of Draft I'm able to fab the hidden Rearbrake for GSXR1000/750/600 2011 onwards.

So will order Aluminum today and start Production .....



Finally done - the superlight hidden rearbrake for the GSXR 1000 !!
Soon available inside my Shop





September 26/2011:

GSXR1000RR superlight radial rearBrake in the Makes !




August 9/2009:

Paintservice now available for the Monocoque-Tailsection.



September 17 2007 :

Wintertime 2007/2008 I will develop a superlight Carbon-combo of  Fueltank + Fueltank-Cover , which will match my Tailsection .

So then the estimated weight of the Parts :

Tailsection : 1300 gr ( 2.86 lbs)
Fueltank : 1400 gr (3.09 lbs)
Fueltank-Dummy 550 gr  ( 1.21 lbs)

Approx 12 kg weight saving it'll be in the end - that's 26.49 lbs - with those 3 Bits only !!
At way lower center of Gravity

It'll look moreless same way as at the Durbahn 600RR , just check the Link above .

Because I can not foresee how may of these Setups I am able to fabricate - please drop me an E-Mail as soon as possible if you are interested !







June 2007 - the maximum weight saving  Monocoque Tailsection is available now , move to PRODUCTS



January 03/2007 :    

Have tested my rearsets with the OEM Sprocket Cover to check how that works .
And - it looks good , no modifications necessary for reverse ( GP - ) shift , for normal shift only a little Section of the Cover needs to be removed !




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