Whatever might have been on the startpage for a while - as fresh content - will end up here , so step by step a rebuild-History will grow .

Preferably you should read it from the bottom to the top.


Oktober 11/2006 :

I started with the modelwork of the GSXR Monocoque/Tailsection .

" I startet " means : I'll finish it this month !

A few facts : 
- the total weight-saving only by the Tailsection ( without removing electronics or cutting wire harness ) is : 15.5 lbs !
- the ride heigh is improved
- there will be storage opportunities for ALL Oem Electronics
- road Version available too
- it'll have a/some design-components , where knowledgeable people will shake their head : "how he solved that .... ? "

.... I real enjoy the modelwork at present .

Oktober 8/2006 NEWS I:

The whole News -content from the German Pages I'll drop here translated soon , for now the latest from today .
The invisible rearbrake is finally done !
It took 3 prototypes of hangers , the first one did not meet my expectations this .. the 2nd one not the other Section,but now I've got it .

The first one here , as you cannot see , is not anodized , but everything is brought on it's way , that in 14 days a couple of Assy's are done and available on black....means it'll vanish even more more with the black wheel/Swingarm then it's vanished already .
It would have been hard to show some good Pictures of a black Assy , so it has has some Advantages today that the first one is not anodized black .
And : lightweight ! 450 gr total , OEM is 1400 gr .


Here the Assy isolated : Rearbrake invisible GSXR 600-750 Pic 2.jpg (132734 Byte)                And here mounted (the mounted side view below )  Rearbrake invisible GSXR 600-750 Pic 3.jpg (169255 Byte)


September 27/ 2006 NEWS I

Sitting on the raw draft for my new lightweight clutch .
It'll still take a while until it's done . My main problem is that I cannot sit on my Ass for such a long Time as it is necessary to do the final draft.

September 27/ 2006 NEWS II
The declutch-stroke adjustable cable clutch is done , lightweight and including support-bearing for shiftrod !
Finally I got rid of the ugly sprocket cover .Paid attention that you also can go for reverse shift-sheme

GSXR CCC Sept2006-Pic14 Web.jpg (176325 Byte)            GSXR CCC Sept2006-Pic30-WEB2.jpg (162257 Byte)            Cable clutch GSXR.jpg (140369 Byte)

September 27/ 2006 NEWS III
233gr are the OEM rubber-funnel , not such a bad value . But made some with total of 70 gr .

                                 Carbon-Funnels-Prototype GSXR.jpg (130241 Byte)
          Carbon funnels GSXR Pic 1.jpg (178858 Byte)

September 27/ 2006 NEWS IV

Close a full day it took to weld this piece of Aluminum , well- worked 6 hrs for a weight-saving of 130 gr .
But however , still nicer than a rubber-hose .
Waterduct GSXR.jpg (76364 Byte)

September 27/ 2006 NEWS V

The OilBrather Chamber:
Even not heave this thing is using a lot of space , so I decided to create more space for Items I'd like to place there .

OEM Breather Chamber mod 1.jpg (130975 Byte)                 The flat breather with bigger outlet- cannot harm the Power of Engine Breather Chamber mod 2.jpg (133551 Byte)

September 27/ 2006 NEWS VI

As for the clutch II :
Here's a Picture of a RC45 Hardcore-light clutch     Clutch-sample RC45 Pic 1.jpg (167492 Byte)

The man who built thisClutch  has always inspired me , a guy from Berlin , a one-man-show , who's able fab Bikes, which can participate in WSBK.
I've calculated , that I can fab a clutch with 2.3 kg , incl. gear , at a 1 cm decreased diameter , which would mean , that this clutch- once it's done - will have a 60% decreased rotational  Inertia
 But I'm still at the beginning , anyways..... May 2007 it has to be finished 14_July_2006_GSXR_Clutchgear.jpg (130919 Byte)



September 10/2006/Generally  : a lot more is already done than what you can see or read here , but it has several reasons that it does not show up here :
Some Parts are still not anodized , so I do not want to picture them, some are not 100 % done , so they still take a while , and some I do not want to show before the whole Bike is done .
My last trackday I have September 24 , then I can dedicate all my Power to the GSXR-Rebuild , means then the updates of the rebuild will come weekly.


Picture of a friends Bike with my Fairing , PVM   .


July 14 2006 -II 

Reiceived the offer for the raw Titanium-Material which I need to fab the Screws ,the  2 Engine-Bolts + the Swingarm-Axle and Rearwheel-Axle , the Price without Machining/milling  :  2150 Euros , I'd estimate the Work-Time to fab all the stuff (pictured below ) at 2 Weeks.

And, as you see here, ~ 55 Screws to fab.....Weights Bolts-Axles.jpg (183564 Byte)

July 14 2006 :14 July 2006 GSXR Clutchgear.jpg (130919 Byte)

Have disassembled the clutch, means drilled out the big 3 Rivets which hold basket and gear together , because I need the gear .

Of course I could let fab the gear new , as a moreless simple copy, but that would cause a couple of a few more weeks delay which I can not wait , if I want to have finished all in May 2007 , so I've got the gear NOW , a little modifying of it, then I can start with the draft of the new clutch-Basket .
Unfortunately I have not had it on the scale today .

But ok, to give a rough # : 4.3 kg the OEM clutch as slipper version is , which is really not really heavy. What I try to do is to drop the weight down to 2,4 kg .

HO , and, important maybe : I think I found out the Reason for bad shifting character of the GSXR...... first Time I saw this I shaked my head , thought maybe a trainee has left a script of his Idea on Chiefs table and then the executing Engineer thought this draft is the latest Innovation of the Engine-designer ,so he dropped  this draft it at the Production .Well .I think I will not forget picture it for you , before I modify it , but it's a really crazy designed but important  Detail ( responsible for shifting , inside the chain of responsible Parts for shifting ) .


July 10 2006 :
No 1 :Superlight rearbrake Assy available in August. Will fit as bolt on , no further mods necessary !

No2 : The Breather-Chamber mod . It does not shave big Kilos , but it's creating space for what I have in mind 

OEM   Breather Chamber mod 1.jpg (130975 Byte)         now :       Breather Chamber mod 2.jpg (133551 Byte)



July 7  2006 :  Weights Bolts-Axles.jpg (183564 Byte)

Have dissasembled Engine to check weight of Screws,Bolts and Axles : 
Means rearwheel + Swingarm-Axle , the Bolts from Linkage + those srews and bolts from Engine , which CANNOT be replaced from Aluminum .I was really surprised somehow , because I've underestimated the final weight . Anyway, good for me ,every single Piece of metal ( shown in that Pic ) redone new in Titanium saves in total  ~ 2.3 kg , that's 5.08 lbs !!

So that's the Workshop-Status Quo at present :              Workshop_July_2006.jpg (218947 Byte)



GSXR 750/06 Piston top design 


...this is how it looked when it arrived .                       10.June 2006