Aluminum-Clutchplates for GSXR 750 and whole Suzuki range of Models  ! 

Inside top 10 of  "the bangs for the buck " ,because decreasing rotating mass has most effex of all kinds of weight-savings . 2 lbs or close to 500 gr you get rid of  , better acceleration and handling guarantee ! The lighter the Bike is , the more you'll feel this mod . Those Plates have been used here in championship with a CBR1000rr the whole Racing-season without wear , and on my own RC51 I've got those Aluminum Plates installed now for a couple of years without need of exchange.Easy swap, estimated 20 minutes Maximum , no drain of Engine-oil necessary . 

Hyperplates.jpg (131732 Byte)


Rearsets Carbon/Aluminum   normal/reverse shift Option

Detail Pictures of normal and reverse Shift-Scheme        Rearsets OEM Sprocket Cover Normal.jpg (186090 Byte)           Rearsets OEM Sprocket Cover Reverse.jpg (199924 Byte)

Including 3 high-precision ball bearings

Including a small light and nice Brembo-master Cylinder


            GSXR-750 Monocoque         

Substitutes Subrames , Undertail, Plastics.... etc .       
Shaves 15.4 lbs of weight out of the Tail only !

This Tailsection incorporates  lots of Advantages , as :

1: Improved Ride-height , from + 1" to +2 " , depending on the Seat-Pad
2: The Monocoque is STIFF , so there's a lot of Feedback on track or road
3 :more agressive Optics
4: and of course , most important is the weight lose , which adds up to 15 lbs compared to stock *
.....wenn man 6.8 kg mit Carbon-Felgen + Titan-Schrauben loswerden wollte , dann wär man wohl nicht unter 7500 Euro dabei .


* of course a required /lightweight Yuasy Battery is included in this Calculation , the saving by the only Battery is 800 gr , so ~ 2lbs .

Explanation through Pictures - Electronics storage on the undertail / Pan .

1.GSXR Monocoque Pan demo 1.jpg (261732 Byte)                       2.GSXR Monocoque Pan demo 2.jpg (136656 Byte)                        3.GSXR Monocoque Pan demo 3.jpg (154963 Byte)

The Monocoque delivery content :
- The Tailsection
- Seat Pad
- Undertail (electronics Storage Platform , for everything in one whats originally in the back , as  : Sensors , Battery ,ECU , Stepper Motor.... etc. )
- Fueltank Support bracket

Small and light Yuasa Battery

The superlight hidden rear Brake Assy


But this is the side-view with MOUNTED rear Brake , and : even the OEM Brakeline you can mount .
A routing of the Brakeline BELOW the Swingarm is possible too ( looks always ugly above the Swingarm )
Easy installation . I've tested it several Times , and its as easy or even faster installation than the OEM Setup
 Weight saving more than 2 lbs , or close to 1 kg unsprung weight !!

Far better able to picture-  not mounted:    GSXR 600-750 - the rear superlight hidden rearbrake Pic 2.jpg (119559 Byte)           GSXR 600-750 - the rear superlight hidden rearbrake Pic 1.jpg (105274 Byte)  

Silver  Rearbrake invisible GSXR 600-750 Pic 2.jpg (132734 Byte)            Mounted    Rearbrake invisible GSXR 600-750 Pic 3.jpg (169255 Byte)          


DURBAHN CABLE CLUTCH    Available for GSXR 750  now .
Including bearing to support the shift-axle , for exact shift-sentiment
Including Speed-Sensor Carbon bracket

Measured here up to
50 % less handforce you need-and probably you don't know, what a sentiment for clutch slipping you have with a cable clutch. This new EVO2-2 Type is revolutionary adjustable from 1.9 to 0.7 mm declutch stroke, You will be able to set the Durbahn-CC EXACT up to the declutch-stroke your clutch need ,means : you need not more handforce than absolutely necessary !

 GSXR CCC Sept2006-Pic14 Web.jpg (176325 Byte)                               GSXR CCC Sept2006-Pic30-WEB2.jpg (162257 Byte)                                
Detail-Picture : the Cable clutch also has a integrated bearing , as support for the shiftaxle ! Cable clutch GSXR.jpg (140369 Byte)        

Available now even with a Carbon-Bracket , to be able to mount the Speed-Sensor !   GSXR CC + Rearsets left side.jpg (248015 Byte) 


Comment from North valley Honda :

"Thanks for getting these to us. We did put the CCC on
one of our Superbikes for Laguna Seca and it did fix
our problem of clutch grabbing on the racing start. We
can now rev the bike to 8000rpm and slip the clutch to
obtain a smooth start.

Comment from Team Apache-racing :

"The CCC greatly improved my starts"

Delivery content :
Durbahn Cable Clutch incl. shift-axle Bearing
New Pushrod
Carbon Bracket for speed-Sensor                                                         



3 pcs Setup , all versions built with Epoxy Resin .


Carbon Sight  : on request

Carbon : the most light Version

Carbon/Kevlar . first choice for track-use  

Glassfiber : till saves 50% of  OEM weight (considered removed headlight of course saves 90% )


Fairing GSXR Carbon 1 Web.jpg (194639 Byte)                       Fairing GSXR Carbon 2 Web.jpg (161431 Byte)                       Fairing GSXR Carbon 4 Web.jpg (173693 Byte)

Waterpump exchange unit : coming soon