To say sorry first , have just detected yet, that there's a lot more of English-language-community- traffic here , than expected , so I will try to explain briefly and more as a draft (more later ) the background of this Project .


Have been on a Bikeshow 3 months ago, nothing impressive there - as always - except 1 Bike which occupied my mind , as for the best sportsbike concept mix I've seen so far ...and never would have expected this way.
Not a 1000cc , too much to handle for me and probably most...not a 600 , I'm too heavy for that stuff with 78 kg , not that usual underseat exhaust crap on that Bike or even worse ,a sidemount pipe , no total on top Fueltank .... .

My RC30 is under construction again, probably 2008 it's done, with FI ,modern ergonomics, so ...out of order at present , my RC51 meanwhile through all the mods and weight decrease too powerful for me accelarating out of the corners (always expect a highside...which does not make me faster) , the Ducati is too fragile ( I think the engine wont last this years Trackdays, even they're only a few, but ok, that's Ducati) I thought about something simple to ride , fast , reliable , light ,the middle between everything .

A K6 GSXR 750.

Well, I thought I'd use it for trackdays ...only removing the Mirrors, that's it , but it came totally different . Ordered the Bike somewhere in Germany , and had it already a day later ,when I arrived at the workshop, it stood in front of it , on the Kickstand , the papers in my mailbox .
So, I did not care too much the first Time , the Bike stood there, I worked until evening. Then I thought I'd better store the Bike inside the Workshop over night, thought ok, 192 kg full, but now without Fuel  , so must be light , but....found it horrible heavy to make it straight  , that's it , no trackday use with only removing the mirrors ..... you problably must have had my Ducati in your hands to know what I'm talking about .

Then I started to track the weight (check this Section in a couple of days ) and found out surprising Things ...all later inside Weights Section .


What I will do , the Mods shortly and unsortet (sorted later , not so easy for me to take care of 5 Websites parallel)  :

New Clutch ( new hub + new designed CNC- machined basket , does fit OEM Setup)
Cable Clutch conversion with intgrated bearing for shift-axle and optional Carbon Bracket for speed-sensor , soon done ,does fit OEM Setup)
New Belt-Driven Alternator with Carbon Alternator-Cover ( does not fit OEM Setup)
New Engine-Management (Motec M800 )
New Fork (still have exactly ONE QAT Fork left )
New Wheels
New Brakes and discs
New rear hidden Brake assy (soon done , does fit OEM Setup)
New different located Carbon Fueltank ( does not fit OEM Setup)
New Carbon-Monocoque ( does not fit OEM Setup)
New probably total strange arranged Titanium  Exhaust-System ( does not fit OEM Setup)
Stack tachometer , compressed scale up to 8000 rpm
Removal of 2nd throttle-valves
New Carbon Airbox ( does not fit OEM Setup)
New Carbon Fairing
New Carbon Fairing-Stay (maybe I'll develope 2 , one OEM )
New waterpump
Reworked Engine-Breathing
New custom made shock from the guy who has developed the QAT Fork (better than the Ohlins)
New Wire-harness (necessary anyway for the Motec )


After what I found out until now , tracking all the weight , I'd say it's possible for me to drop the weight down at a few kg less than a GP-Bike .

What I's say now , possible :

- including 15 Liters of Fuel :   149 kg or 328 lbs
- without 15 liters of Fuel :      137,5 kg or 303 lbs, but I' have got the strange feeling it'll be even less . April 2007 we'll know .